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2. Setup a Paymee Payment Link


1. You must logon to your Merchant dashboard

2. Click Paymee at the left hand menu

3. On the Paymee screen click Add Paymee

4. Fill in the Paymee form with the necessary information

Template: 2 option, vertical or horizontal

URL: Type in a recognizable URL for your Paymee campaign.

Title: The title of your campaign

Description: Enter your campaign description

Amount: 3 options, open amount, fixed amount or multiple choices.

Additional Note: Enter additional field if you would like to capture more information.

Footnote: Additional note to appear at the bottom of the campaign.

Delivery Fee: Set a fee if necessary

Transaction Fee: Choose who to pay for the fees

Image: Upload the campaign photo

If you would like the customer to receive a custom receipt

Return URL: If you like the customer to go to a thank you page. This is optional

Footnote: A little footnote at the bottom of the receipt

Logo: Your organization logo to appear on the receipt

5. Click Save

6. The you will see a similar screen like this

7. Click on the QR Code icon to generate a QR code. You can print or share this image to accept payment. Works with any smartphone QR reader

8. To view the URL link, click on the Edit pencil icon.

Congratulations, you have successfully setup a Paymee Link

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