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5. API to Receive Payment Status



To ensure successful payment status response you need either

  1. Set a callback URL in your merchant dashboard OR
  2. Provide and return URL in the request for payment API call

Listening to The Callback

After calling request for payment API, edxaPay will return a status to notify the merchant if the transaction was successful, failed or canceled.

The callback API will receive the following data via POST or GET:

  • parameters
    • transaction_id – unique transaction id registered in gateway
    • payment_datetime – date and time of transaction
    • amount – transaction amount
    • order_no – order number passed by merchant in payment request
    • status – transaction status (0 – pending, 1-successfull, 2-failed)
    • status_msg – message of transaction status
    • scode – MD5 hash in the following order
      • verify_key
      • order_no
      • transaction_id
      • amount
      • status
    • channel_code – channel use to perform transaction
      • fpx (online banking)
      • cc (credit/debit card)
      • tng (Touch N Go e-wallet)
      • boost (Boost e-wallet)
    • bank_name – extra parameter sent by edxaPay if channel_code is “FPX”, stating the bank name used for the transaction

Example of A Callback Listener

Below is an example to listen to a callback in PHP using POST. For GET just change the POST to GET function.

$status = $_POST['status'];
$status_msg = $_POST['status_msg'];
$channelcode = $_POST['channel_code'];
$bank_name = $_POST['bank_name'];
$transaction_id = $_POST['transaction_id'];
$order_id = $_POST['order_no'];

Callback Latency

Most of the time, the call back is instant after the customer make a transaction. All transaction e.g successful payment, cancel payment, insufficient fund will be notify to the callback URL immediately.

Do expect 1-2 seconds delay due to the internet.

We recommend your thank you, payment processing OR receipt page use a polling system at 5 seconds interval e.g AJAX to monitor the status of the callback.

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